My site is a place where I will share the things I find interesting. There is a slim chance you’ll find it interresting, too. If you wonder, these things will be music, making music, computers, making music with computers, and gaming, playing games with computers, and miscellaneous other things, probably related to computers, using computers, and perhaps even building computers.

Welcome and enjoy!

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I am John Sandlin.

Currently I am learning Piano using Playground Sessions. You’ll find me lurking in the Facebook “Playground Sessions Community” and occasionally posting videos of my progress in my quest to learn to play piano.

I use Cakewalk SONAR Platinum when I’m working on music not related to Playground Sessions. If you’ve heard of SONAR before, you might have heard that Gibson Brands, the parent company, closed it down. A new company, BandLab purchased the intellectual property and is planning to bring it back. Their announcement is here.

Now that BandLab has released an Early Version of their replacement for SONAR, called Cakewalk by BandLab, I very well may be using that instead. I’ll have both installed for a while. The extras that come with SONAR work in the new Cakewalk by Bandlab – which does not come with the extras.


2020-01-19 Playground Sessions 30 Day Challenge

In September 2016 I started the Playground Sessions computer based piano lessons. Over time they’ve added content, new lessons and courses, and other tools to improve our piano skills. Their Social Media presence (Facebook at: Playground Sessions) has improved too. Late in 2018 they began “Challenges” to make learning more interesting and fun. They offered …